In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly difficult online to sift through all the advertising “clutter” when it comes to making a buying decision that involves replacing the windows in your home. Every home improvement or window company will tell you that they have the best product. The key words you will hear is “quality windows”. But what really defines quality? Can you get quality windows without breaking the bank? “Quality” windows can cost as much as 1500.00 per window! On the other hand, if I spend too little, can I get a favorable return on my investment for my home?

Therefore it makes good sense that the consumer knows a little bit about what goes into the pricing and what defines a quality window. If you understand some basic facts about windows and the companies that sell them, then you can save yourself a substantial sum of money and still get a quality window. That’s what you might call a smart buying decision.

Let’s look at the facts. In Central Pa, there are statistically hundreds of companies that would be happy to sell you windows. So how do you choose a company that’s right for you and that isn’t frightfully expensive. In order to stay in business there are high-end companies out there who spend a large amount of money on advertising and will sell their windows anywhere from 1000.00 to 1500. Is it necessary to spend that much? They have a tremendous overhead that not only includes advertising, but a large sales force and staff to feed. Then again if you go with a small contractor who buys the cheapest windows he can find, are you going to get a thermally efficient window that is going to last. and what about potential maintenance issues down the road? Will

Here at Windows and More you will find a unique approach to replacement window shopping. You will find a company in the middle with owners who are heavily involved in day to day operations.
You will find quality windows direct from the factory combined with small contractor prices, And installed to factory specifications.
No guesswork. A stress-free experience.
A smart buying decision.